Our Services for Professional Athletes

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"Advisors to Athletes" ensures dedication, training, teamwork and passion go into our client advisory like they do your professional athletic career. We provide a deep knowledge of how professional athletes earn, spend, travel, train and transition back to regular life, which makes us the professional athlete's choice to manage their wealth today and forever.

With a former professional athlete on the advisory team, there is an ability to relate on a common level of experience. Consider us part of your personal team to carry the financial aspect of your life.

What Makes Us Different | These are areas we excel at when it comes to athlete management, and these areas are why we shine.

1.  We help you to understand and prepare for in- and off-season expenses.

.  We prepare strategies to help with player cost analysis – i.e. club house dues, agent fees, travel expenses, in-state vs. out-of-state taxes on earned income, etc.

  We lend our guidance to investment and estate planning strategies for multiple generations and multiple state dwelling.

 We collaborate with your agent, attorney, and accountant, and we understand the importance of effective communication.