Socially Aware Investing

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The Meydenbauer Wealth Management Group focuses on a socially aware investment strategy. The guiding principles are an intention to bring about positive change at a corporate level. We have a broad focus on an open architecture of environmental, social and/or corporate governance (ESG) solutions. Our investment process is designed to help you meet your income and growth needs through socially aware investment objectives.

We focus on three main categories including:

1.  Socially-responsible investing (SRI) is an approach that attempts to avoid investments in certain stocks or industries through negative screening according to defined ethical guidelines.
2.  Impact investing, which involved investing in projects or companies with the express goal of effecting mission related social or environmental change.
3.  Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, which involves integrating ESG factors into fundamental investment analysis to the extent that they are material to investment performance.